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In charge of development of palm-oil production of WiP

Mechanical and industrial Maintenance Engineer - AIR Liquide

Ahmadou Ibrahima is Partner of WIP since June 2013.
Senior Manager at West and Central African Industrial Direction for Air Liquide, he was the Technical Manager of Air Liquide Cameroon, then Air Liquide Angola.
He was Factory Manager of Cameroon Cotton Company from 2003 to 2009.
He’s graduated from MOHAMADIA SCHOOL of ENGINEERS in Rabat, Morocco, in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Maintenance.

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Shareholding and governance

The governance and diversified shareholding of WiP comprise confirmed officers with sound professional experiences acquired in various areas, among whom companies’ managers, independent chemists, private enterprises’ officers and international civil servants and lawyers.



Cameroon, located in Central Africa region, has an important potential of agricultural development considering the available arable lands and favourable geo-climate conditions.

10th world palm-oil producer and 3rd African producer after Nigeria (940,000 tons) and Côte d'Ivoire (417,000 tons), Cameroon has produced 235,000 metric tons of palm-oil in 2014, while the national demand exceeds 340,000 tons according to the latest figures released by the ministry of agriculture, Cameroon. As a result, the country's production deficit amounts to 100,000 tons, giving opportunity for palm-oil development.
It is to be noted that Palm-oil production to an industrial scale constitutes a strategic thrust of the development agenda of the Government of Cameroon.



The growth of the population of Africa along with the emergence of middle-income class will result into an increased demand of agro-food products and housing.