Responsible and profitable investments in Africa


Chekou oussauman
In charge of partnerships and development strategy of WIP

Economist, development program specialist

Founding partner of Woyla Invest Partners, Chékou OUSSOUMAN is working for long years in the international public administrations, where he is in charge of cooperation projects relating to economic strategies and policies on trade and investment, including partnership with the European Commission, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) Group. Chekou Oussouman worked in Africa for the Commission of Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa. He holds degrees in international economics and management of development projects.

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Shareholding and governance

The governance and diversified shareholding of WiP comprise confirmed officers with sound professional experiences acquired in various areas, among whom companies’ managers, independent chemists, private enterprises’ officers and international civil servants and lawyers.

Assets and activities

• A palm farm located in Logbadjeck, 40 km away from Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon and the main industrial and commercial port of the country and Central Africa region. The area of location of this palm farm offers extension possibilities up to 30,000 hectares and beyond within the Ocean territorial division, located between the port of Douala and the port of Kribi (the second port of the country);

Woyla Invest Partners (WiP) in brief

WiP is an investment company established in 2008 by a group of 12 (Twelve) African partners based in Europe (France, England and Belgium) and in other countries (Saudi Arabia, Cameroon and Central African Republic) in order to promote profitable and sustainable investments with social impact.