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Souleymanou MOHAMADOU

Souleymanou MOHAMADOU
Souleymanou MOHAMADOU
General Secretary of WiP Deputy Chief Operations Officer of WiP

Freelance Consultant, Manager Data Analytics, BINDI CONSULTING

Since October 2012, Souleymanou MOHAMADOU runs his own business, BINDI Consulting, which is specialized in Business Intelligence, Data Quality Treatment and Consolidation. Before then, he was manager in the IT Risk Department audit of firm Deloitte in France, and in charge of data analysis in order to validate the accounts, to detect fraud in transactional data and to evaluate risk for companies whose Deloitte is the auditor (EDF, GDF, BNP, Gemalto ...). He is also in charge of the development and the implementation of the legal reporting tools for such clients. Holder of a master degree in information system, he was the head of IT Department of Cement Works of Cameroon and Chad.
Souleymanou MOHAMADOU holds a Master in Information System. He is the General Secretary and Deputy Chief Operations Officer of WiP.

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Assets and activities

• A palm farm located in Logbadjeck, 40 km away from Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon and the main industrial and commercial port of the country and Central Africa region. The area of location of this palm farm offers extension possibilities up to 30,000 hectares and beyond within the Ocean territorial division, located between the port of Douala and the port of Kribi (the second port of the country);

Shareholding and governance

The governance and diversified shareholding of WiP comprise confirmed officers with sound professional experiences acquired in various areas, among whom companies’ managers, independent chemists, private enterprises’ officers and international civil servants and lawyers.


The growth of the population of Africa along with the emergence of middle-income class will result into an increased demand of agro-food products and housing.